Stuffed Gourd

Stuffed gourd -Materials -Gourd-7-8Amia or amchur powder-1 finely grilled or 1 tspSalt – to tasteRed pepper – to taste (optional)Turmeric 1/2 small spoonCoriander powder-2-3 tspFennel powder-3-4 tspGaram Masala-1/4 tsp (optional)Asafoetia – a pinch of itMustard oil-3 tablespoonMustard oil-2 tsp spices to mixNeed 2 tablespoon oil for method no 2Cumin – a little oil to checkOnion-2 Large finely chopped or grinded.Recipe to make-1 -First peel with the help of knief that bites bitter gourd. And open it with a long cut in the middle. Now apply salt well inside her peel and gourd and keep it aside for about 5 hours. You can keep for longer too. The more you keep, the more bitterness will come out. Now wash the curls well with water after the stipulated time so that the salt that was applied in it will be removed. Similarly, wash and squeeze his peel well and remove it in a plate. Now add all the dried spices in it, and amiya too.

Table 1

Mix all well and add 2 tablespoons of oil in it, Jesus tie all the spices well. Now we will fill that mixture one by one and put it in a plate from where we cut it. Now take an embroidered or non-stick pan and add oil in it and let it warm well, so that the raw ness of oil will be removed. Now add asafoet and cumin to it and let it grind and put gourd in it one by one and cover around 15 Cook till min. Now 15 minutes later, with the help of a flip, turn the curls and then cover and let them cook. Similarly, when it is cooked from both sides, open the curls for 3-4 minutes and turn it over and bake so that the bitter gourd becomes a little crispy. Now take out the karels from the embroidery and take them out in a bowl. Take a survey to the curls. By making gourd gourd, you can be comfortably stored for 15 days and kept in the fridge. And you can take it out with Puri or Paratha even if you go for a trip because it doesn’t get bad quickly.Recipe to make-2 -The beginning process remains the same, peel the curls and put salt in it. Then wash them well after 5 hours and put them in the plate.

Table 2

Now take an embroidery or pan. Add about 2 tablespoons of oil in it and add asafoeto cumin in it and add finely chopped onion and roast the onion well, until onions are well fried, now add gourd in it. Peel and mix all dried spices and roast well on medium gas for about 3-4 min. When the spices are roasted, let it cool in a plate and add leftover oil in the embroidery and let it warm. When the mixture is cold, fill in the curls and when the oil is heated, keep in the embroidery and let it cook. The rest of the process will remain the same. And your bitter gourd is ready to serve.Tip – You can make it from any process of both. Gourd puri or paratha looks more tasty.

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